Lead your life not the other way around.


It’s incredibly common to walk through life unconsciously; falling into your choices without much intention, feeling as though life happened to you without you having much of a say.

But you’re not common and it doesn’t have to be this way.  




You can learn how to make life decisions—both personally and professionally—from a place of resonance, groundedness, and alignment.

You can experience life as a playground and experiment.

You can discover what lights up your soul...
and go after it immediately.


I’m Jen Ammer and as a certified coach that’s exactly what I help people do in life - personally and professionally. I believe that once you cultivate a sense of who you are and what is most important to you, you can start harnessing your true power and internal direction.


From there, anything is possible. Like:


+ A career you love

 + A relationship you love

+ Less stress and overwhelm

+ Taking better care of yourself

+ More confidence in your life (and as a leader)

+ A life of balance

+ Comfort in your own skin

+ Knowing what you need and want, and being able to ask for it. 



If you’ve found yourself saying, “It’s gotta be better than this,” my response is a resounding, YES, YES IT IS! I don’t have any 10 step processes or fancy coaching programs—this is about you and me together creating not just wild transformation but lasting change.



Let’s get you there, shall we?

It's time for a choose-your-own-adventure!


If you’re looking for Leadership coaching or personal coaching, contact me with your questions or sign up for a consult to see if we are a fit.  

I would love to hear from you and support you in finding out what lights you up!


Or, if you want more info, You can head over here to read more about working with me.

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